27 03 2010

Kurnell is – to bastardise a phrase from someone at work – the armpit of Sydney. It’s directly under the flight path, has got some hefty sand-mining going on, and recently became the home of Sydney’s Desalination Plant, which apparently “secures Sydney’s water future”.

In terms of not being an armpit, it also has some pretty impressive reefs for surfing, but as this is a birding blog – it’s obviously good for birds! The reason I go there is for 5 spots really – Boat Harbour and it’s rockplatform, the heath behind Cape Solander, Bonna Point and the Kurnell side of Towra Point NR, Quibray Bay viewing platform (looks over part of Towra Point NR), and the Wader Roosting spot just as you start to go out there. There’s also a spot near Taren Point (called Shell Point) but that’s not technically Kurnell.

Anyway – I worked the other saturday, which meant I got a day off during the week. So I chose payday Thursday, and headed out to Boat Harbour. Not much about, but the kiwis have arrived – there were 4 Double-banded Plovers about, 1 Caspian Tern, a couple of Kelp Gulls, and the other waders were starting to drop in numbers in a big way.

I’m off to Victoria in a couple of weeks for uni, so until then!


South Maroubra, 22 March 2010

24 03 2010


Went to South Maroubra before work on Tuesday with the intention of finding some sort of marine invertebrates for my assignment. Found some awesome non-bird creatures, but they will remain unmentioned.

Highlight bird-wise was this resident Nankeen Kestrel which posed nicely.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Kurnell to see what is left wader wise prior to coming home and studying like a madman.

Just over 2 weeks until I’m next off to Chiltern, where the year list will hopefully get a kick along.



2010, first 2 months.

5 03 2010

Howdy folks,

Here we are in early March 2010. What has the first 2 months brought me, and what’s in store?

Thus far, the year list is as 150. Not too shabby. Given it’s about to go quiet though, I think I’d rather be at 200. Still – have picked up Ground Parrot – a bird that has eluded me for many years –  and this year is more about the lifer and click ticks rather than the year tick.

What’s in store? I’m off to Albury/Chiltern and then out to Pyramid Hill where I’m paying for a guide to get me Plains Wanderer and anything else awesome (probably 25-40 year ticks, and 2-3 lifers); off to the Warrumbungles for my midyear trip (probably 10-15 year ticks, 1 lifer possible); and either a Tasmania or a Lord Howe Island “hooray I’m finished uni” trip (how many year/life ticks depends where we go – ~15-20 lifers Lord Howe, ~5 Tasmania. but it would be good to wrap up Tasmania).

So. Should end up with ~250-300 for the year, and hopefully I’ll get the life list up to 480.

Off course, the BIG thing is the impnding purchase of the 500mm lens. I. Can’t. Wait.

Happy birding!


4 03 2010

Howdy folks. I’m doing basically everything I can to avoid studying – so far I’ve logged in to my twitter account (dormant for a few months) and now I’m trying my hand at blogging again.

Here you’ll find my adventures in blog format. I actually already have a birding blog here but clearly I’ve decided to start another one, mainly because the other one has a domain name of erkobirder, but i now live in campsie, so it’s all … whatever.

until next time.