Residential school is OVAR!!

16 04 2010

Well. That was full on. 3 days of 8 hour labs with an exam. Didn’t leave much time for birding (had about an hour in the mornings, and it was dark by the time I got back) but that all changes tomorrow.

I’m heading off to Pyramid Hill to go spotlighting for Plainswanderer with Simon Starr and will be birding for about 6 hours on the way there, with 4 hours of guided birding after that. Should be champion.

I also just saw on ABC news Victoria that there’s a plague of locusts in the area I’m heading too. Should be lots of fun. There was a shot of the highway, and you couldn’t see the road for the locusts!! I’ll put something up here or on flickr when I get back to Sydney.

So yeah – there’ll be a report on some actual birds tomorrow. I promise.




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