Warrumbungle birding

21 06 2010

Spent the day at the Warrumbungles, walke about 6-7 km, saw 47 species. Not bad at all for winter birding.

Highlights: Turquoise Parrot, Speckled Warbler, Striped and Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater at The Woolshed; Grey-crowned Babbler at the visitor centre; an awesome mixed feeding party of 3 types of thornbill, Weebill, Speckled Warblers and honeyeaters at Burbie Canyon; and Spotted Quail-thrush on the way out.

Big dip was parrots – the place boasts that it has had 19(?maybe more) parrots recorded in the park (I’ve seen about 10 there). Today I saw 3 types. No Red-winged Parrot for Troy 😦 maybe tomorrow in the Pilliga!

I’ll add some more info on the park and photos when I get back to the big smoke. At the moment, I’m enjoying wine and not carrying my gear.

Until next time.


Mudgee to Coonabarabran

20 06 2010


Yesterday, we drove from Mudgee to Coonabarabran via Munghorn Gap and The Drip.

Munghorn Gap is a great spot, but we didn’t get to The Drip early enough – wind had picked up, clouds rolled in = not many birds.

Bird wise, highlights would have to be 8 species of raptor including 3 seperate Peregrine Falcons, the meeting of east and west birds at Munghorn, and Keryn’s well spotted King Parrots. Oh and a ridiculously tame Willie Wagtail that I was able to use the macro lens on! Still no interwebs, so photos when we get back to Sydney or if we get some at the next place we stay.

Today we’re off to the Warrumbungles where my target is Red-winged Parrot, and tomorrow we’re off to the Pillliga. I’ll write some more tomorrow unless we have a cracker today!


Mudgee birding

19 06 2010

Hola! Greetings from Mudgee, the … err … wine capital of the central western slopes (perhaps?).
Birding is pretty quiet, highlights being a leucistic Pacific Black Duck and Restless Flycatcher at Lawson Park in the middle of town, a very dark Brown Falcon just outside town, and more Cattle Egrets than you can shake a stick at at the sewage treatment works.

Tomorrow, off to Munghorn Gap and The Drip before continuing on to Coonabarabran.

Photos when I get back to Sydney!