Warrumbungle birding

21 06 2010

Spent the day at the Warrumbungles, walke about 6-7 km, saw 47 species. Not bad at all for winter birding.

Highlights: Turquoise Parrot, Speckled Warbler, Striped and Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater at The Woolshed; Grey-crowned Babbler at the visitor centre; an awesome mixed feeding party of 3 types of thornbill, Weebill, Speckled Warblers and honeyeaters at Burbie Canyon; and Spotted Quail-thrush on the way out.

Big dip was parrots – the place boasts that it has had 19(?maybe more) parrots recorded in the park (I’ve seen about 10 there). Today I saw 3 types. No Red-winged Parrot for Troy 😦 maybe tomorrow in the Pilliga!

I’ll add some more info on the park and photos when I get back to the big smoke. At the moment, I’m enjoying wine and not carrying my gear.

Until next time.




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