Ostrich – a rather silly bird to tick in Australia

31 03 2011

Greetings from Swan Hill. Still have no interwebs, so no photos yet, and it’s all from the phone, so there’s no links and it does silly autocorrect and stuff, but anyway…

Today was a big and good day. Drove around 600km, leaving wagga a bit later than ideal, and headed up to Leeton. Too sunny for crakes, but good birds such as Black Falcon, and Spotted Harrier were had.

Then we headed down to a spo near Barham to look for an apparently tickable population of Ostrich – 1 male and 3 females/juveniles were found. Bird #491 on the list. One of the more ridiculous birds on the list, but at least ts not a milestone bird there is (scarily) a chance I’ll end up with Barbary Dove as #500!

A rough guestimate of birds seen today is about 60 species, bringing the trip list up to around 90ish. Not bad for 3 days with only a few “proper” birding moments.

anyway – I’m pretty rinsed after all the travel, and am going to bed shortly. Tomorrow is Mildura via Hattah, Should be a cracker

And thanks to everyone involved in the parcel shenanigans that happened today!


No longer a graduand…

30 03 2011

Well, it’s done. I’m officially a graduate, not a graduand. Stupid word that my phone spellcheck says is spelt wrong, by when the chancellor of a uni says that’s what you are, that’s what you are.

Anyway – birds! Haven’t done loads of birding yet, that all kicks off tomorrow. That said, I was out at Berry Jerry SF this morning, and saw stubble quail, superb parrot and the usual suspects, saw white-necked heron out near CSU, and when you add the peregrine falconfrom tumut yesterday, it’s been pretty good thus far.

Tomorrow we’re off to Swan Hill via Leeton and Moama where I hope to see some crakes and feral ostrich respectively. I also am hoping to see grey falcon at Leeton- same as last year, but I very much doubt I’ll manage that. Even though it’s the same time of year at the same place, I don’t expect to see one.

Anyhoo – more tomorrow maybe from sunny Swan Hill!

South Australian Adventure Ahoy!

26 03 2011

Howdy all,

As some of you know, we’re about to head off to South Australia for a couple of weeks of intensive birding. I’ll be trying to update this blog whenever I have access to the interwebs, which will be sporadic, but regular.

We head off next week, and after graduating at sunny Wagga Wagga, we head out into western Victoria to try again for Mallee Emu-wren at Hattah, then out to Gluepot via Ned’s Corner to try for everything that you find there. From there, off to Port Augusta and Lake Gilles NP to get a few WA birds on the eastern edge of their range, then up to the Flinders Ranges for a bit. After stooging around there for a week or thereabouts, it’s off to Adelaide for some plastics (well, Barbary Dove) and to check out the Pandas. Then off to Kangaroo Island, and back to Sydney via Mt Gambier and the Grampians. About 4 and a bit weeks and 9000km all up.

We were going to get up to Mt Lyndhurst, but recent rains have seen the road open and closed to 4wd only, and as much as I’d like to take the un-4wd up the Strzlecki, I don’t really want to risk it and the fines. At the moment it’s open to 4wd, but it was closed to all traffic last week. So I figure I’ll go back in a couple of years and spend proper time looking for Chestnut-breasted Whiteface, and instead spend an extra day in the Flinders.

Keryn will be doing a photo blog on my flickr in a new set, and I’ll be doing landscape, birds, flowers and insects as I find them. Not expecting too much in the way of reptiles, but will put anything from those groups up as well.

Anyway – should be a corker of a trip – I’m aiming for 15 lifers on it, and there’s a possibility (albeit slim!) for plenty more than that. Although that requires things to be well out of range, and me to be very lucky.

And for any budding thieves out there, there will be people staying in our house, so don’t bother 🙂



ps: unfortunately due to the earthquake and tsunami, my lens was held up 😦 so no shiny new lens for this trip…